Saturday, September 13, 2008

From Where I'm Standing

I have been letting go of an array of things lately, material, physical, relational and metaphysical. It is crazy being stripped of the 'things' that make up my life and facing what is left. Everything stripped away so there is no distraction, no covering up. So what is left?

My friend, Beth introduced me to this song. It is a bit more twangy than my style but it grew on me. I forget the artist's name... the girl from "Dr. Quin Medicine Woman", i guess.
Anyway, the more i listened to it the more it seemed to be written from the Father's perspective. I'm sure that was not at all the intent, but i'm calling creative license (cl)!

"From where I'm standing you're the quiet side of the room,
you're lookin' so lonely and I can't stop lookin' at you,
your head is hangin' tryin' to beat those good-by blues,
and I bet you'll be fine,
I bet you'll be fine.

I guess it's not the way you always planned it,
looks like you're headin' for a crash landin',
that's just the way it looks from where I'm standin',
from where I'm standin'.

From where I'm standin' I think I caught your eye,
are you lookin' at me cause I swear I saw you smile,
I'm comin' over gonna take things off your mind,
and I bet you'll be fine,
yes I bet you'll be fine.

repeat CHORUS

Let it fall,
let it come down,
let it crash around you,
around you.


And I might make you Mine, (cl) I have made...
I might make you Mine,
From where I'm standing."

"Be still and know that I am God;"
Psalm 46:10a


Lzzygitg said...

I said Dr. Quinn's daughter, and I was way off. She's actually Sissy Spaceck's daughter, Schuyler Fisk

Jennifer August Lynn said...

Oh! I vaguely recall you saying that. Thanks for the clarification!